waiting for the light

...hi friends. I've been a little quiet lately on the personal front... instead posting a lot about work and silly things. Winter takes a toll on me. It always has, and I've already talked about it on this blog so I won't go into it. I am simply waiting for the first signs of spring. Waiting for a small patch of green to appear. Perhaps a blue streak in the sky. Maybe a little crocus poking its head up out of the snow. Waiting for the light to return.

I've put a bunch of "stoppers" in my weeks this winter as arsenal for the yearly winter war, and they've been working pretty well up till now. We have things to look forward to like music class, yoga classes, the weekly grocery shop, the farmers market trip, etc. But I'm ready to put down my weapons and start a period of peace. Ready to replenish my supplies.

I'm not sure I should post this because it's not cheerful and fun. It's much more fashionable to say that winter is your favorite season and glorious and beautifully subdued. But I thought perhaps others out there who suffer from winter blues might like to know they are not alone.

There are big things on the horizon. We just have to wait a little longer.