Want to make a postcard?

alisonhelp2.jpg As you know, my sister-in-law Alison was diagnosed with stage four cancer a few weeks ago. She is still undergoing many tests and scans, and they are working on a treatment plan for her right now. She's being so strong during all of this, but could really use your support. Here's how:

Christine Miller (aka Swirly Girl) has an ongoing project called 52 Figments. Each week she posts a question and participants answer on a postcard and send them to her. She then uploads them all into an online gallery. This week, in support of Alison, she has requested that all participants create a postcard with the message "YOU ARE A CANCER SURVIVOR."

Christine will post all the postcards she receives on flickr, as usual, but she is also going to box up all the cards and mail them to Alison.

Imagine Alison getting a whole box full of beautiful postcards with those words "You are a cancer survivor." I think it will boost her spirits and help her know that we are all behind her as she beats this awful illness.

Click here to learn how to participate. Please do! (Or you can go to the 52 Figments page and click on "Special Request".) Thanks!