Washington Post, Ann Patchett Christmas Story

This was my favorite job by far in recent memory. Beth Broadwater from the Washington Post commissioned me to do an opening illustration and a small spot for a story written by Ann Patchett about a childhood memory.

I loved concepting for this one because the ideas came fast and furious. (Gotta love that because sometimes they are slow like mud.)

The story is about Ann after her parents separated, her dad living on the west coast far away from herself and  her mother who moved to Kentucky. So I drew a closeup on a Christmas tree with one ornament broken in two to represent the broken family. On Christmas Eve Ann received a phone call from her dad who read her a story that really spoke to Ann and made her want to be a writer. So I visually interpreted that part of the story by depicting Ann being cradled in the lower half of the broken ornament (the half representing her distant dad)... nestled in and looking off into the distance as she listens to her dad on the telephone.

This is the final piece:


And the spot: