we've landed

Yesterday we arrived safely to our small apartment in South Carolina. It was full of surprises... not the gem I'd secretly hoped it'd be, but definitely okay. The balcony, we discovered, looks out over a small patch of trees and we can spot the river through them. This morning it was sparkling like yellow-tinged diamonds as we sat outside and drank our coffees, silently grateful that this is temporarily ours and that we made it here without any big glitches. After coffee and some cereal we went out for a walk with Vince. Vince is used to our oversized yard, so this has been a bit of a shock to him. But the walk seemed to soothe him like warm milk. We walked down by the river and were bombarded by creatures, I think just checking out the new kids. A large yellow-bellied hawk, two bumpy toads, a tiny lizard and a handful of thick armored millipedes all welcomed us.

I'm sitting on the carpet right now (our furniture doesn't arrive till tomorrow sometime) on a weak, stolen internet connection. Colin is setting up my studio on the floor and is playing familiar music in the background. Feels a little more like home. Later today we are getting together with Tom and Alison for a southern dinner at my dad's house, who lives about 40 miles east of us.

I didn't get my birthday wish, but I feel like it will happen in its own good time. The house empty looks like a blank canvas with good bones... waiting for the next owner to fall in love and start their creation process. This is going to be okay. And I am happy.