what do you love?

The last few nights we've been playing the "What do you love" game at bedtime at our house. It's a wonderful way to end the day. It gets your mind off work or your to-dos or little grievances left over from a not-so-stellar day. On an already good day it makes your heart swell up with joy till you find yourself smiling involuntarily. (It does. Try it.)

Here's how it works: You ask your partner (or yourself for that matter) what are 5 things that you love. Anything goes. Could be little red-head girls called Veda. Could be a giraffe's long eye-lashes. Could be an icy cold beer at the end of a humid day. If 5 didn't lift you up, do 5 more.

This is my favorite game. :)

Here are my loves at the moment:

- giant flower fountains at the zoo that cool off my girl and make her lose her mind with happiness.

- going to a yoga class IN MY OWN LITTLE TOWN (in other words... not having to drive over an hour to a city!) tonight that was a style that I liked! I nearly floated off my yoga mat and hugged the teacher.

- a husband with a summer buzz cut and a beard.

- homemade guacamole. It's good enough to cheer for.

- making veggie sushi at home for dinner, and even though it all fell apart repeatedly, it still tasted good if you closed your eyes.

- wearing dresses.

- putting my art table back up... I took it down for the home-sale, but the home is not sailing... so it's back up, waiting for me to come play.

- speaking of sailing: sailing! Little sunfish boats are so fun to race around on the lake.

- fiction in the summer time.

- hearing the dalai lama speak in person. (yeah baby!)

- going through my wardrobe and finding ill-fitting clothes to cut up and alter to be cooler clothes that do fit. hee... I'm no seamstress, We'll see if it works. :)

What do you love?

* * *

happy summer solstice!