what scares you?

I've been doing some good journaling lately. Lots of lists seem to be popping up in the pages (one of my favorite ways to journal!). Lists like -- fun things to do, things to see, places I'd like to visit, collaboration ideas, etc. But one list in particular has me thinking: "Things that scare me." And I have a few things on it, but I keep thinking of more and writing those too. Some are relatively non-scary scary things like: having a dinner party with a weird mix of people (will they all talk? hate each other? feel uncomfortable? will I know what to say?). This isn't too scary, because no matter how badly it goes, it's still over by midnight-ish, and you can go to bed and realize it was a huge mistake and you'll never make it again. (can you tell how open I am to this idea? hee)

And I've already tackled one thing on my list: go to a yoga class. That scared me for a long time, but now I go each week and it's one of the things I most look forward to. I crave it and love it.

Also on the list was zip-lining (otherwise known as canopy touring). Basically it's where you strap yourself in this harness contraption (very sexy) and hook up to a wire in the top of a tree that leads to another tree top a few football fields away. And then you say your prayers and jump off and zip from tree top to tree top. (gulp)

Well this weekend I did it! I told Colin I'd go and just look at it. And he put no pressure on me to do it. He said he'd be okay if I just watched (thank you dearest). But I decided to just go for it -- even though the people running said it wasn't certified yet and it was free because they weren't licensed. (Um, couldn't you have just failed to mention that?!) I decided that the risk was worth it and I'd feel worse going home having chickened out. And I'm so glad I did because it was fun! I screamed and just flew through the air like a monkey! Fast and smooth... like flying without wings. It was great. :)

Here's proof:

Taking that small risk made me feel more confident. Like I can maybe stop being such a wuss about things... even if they go terribly (the dinner party thing), it can't be THAT bad. So I think I'll start doing a few more things off this list... the dancing class. holy crap... why did I even say that???

So - what would be on your "things that scare me" list? Are there a couple of "safer" ones you could test out and see how it goes?