what's it gonna be

"Your problem is how you are going to spend this one and precious life you have been issued. Whether you’re going to spend it trying to look good and creating the illusion that you have power over circumstances, or whether you are going to taste it, enjoy it and find out the truth about who you are." ~ Anne Lamott, From her graduation commencement address to Berkeley : : :

Last week teaching yoga until we move and I find a new studio. I'm going to miss my students, but I'm glad for the break to focus on my own practice. I need it.

Realizing I have the power to choose who I want to be in this "house sale time". I'm gonna live here, now. Choose to be laid back. It's not worth it to do otherwise.

Using this summer to catch up on some soul nourishing things I didn't seem open for this spring... excited about that.

Trying to get my new website wrapped up soon. I've been staring at it for far too long. :)

Space is something we give ourselves.