Who's funky? I'm funky.

I am never very far away from a song. Any starter sound will do. The quick, high "bee-beep" of the microwave timer turns into "bee-beep. ahhhhh! bee-beep. ahhhhh!". The low rumble of the garbage truck starts me humming to mimic its pitch, and that hum usually rambles right into some sharp-witted lyrics about pick up day. Or my cat's meow for food sends me into a symphony of meowing violins. Usually my songs are accompanied by loud foot stomping and/or hands clapping (I have one hell of a clap). And I dance to an ornate and powerful beat in my head. Yep, I'd say I'm down right funky. Groovy. Rhythmic.

Unless you are outside of my head. And in that case, I'm sure I look exactly like our ol' pal Steve from The Jerk.

* * * * Completely off topic: The lovey Christine Miller has an awesome new blog purely focused on inspiration. Check it out!