why, hello there!

I didn't mean to take such a long break away from this space, but life got super busy with Christmas travels, family and the flu (Veda's first flu bug! oh my!). Aside from that little bug, it was an awesome trip. I hope your holidays were merry, too!

It's the new year and it feels like it. I don't know why, but this year feels entirely different to me. Full of possibility... not in a huge oh-my-god-change-everything-right-now way, but in a subtle, contented, watch-it-as-it-unfolds sort of way.

I do have a few resolutions for the year. Jotted them down during the long hours in the car.

-- Find ways to quiet myself so I can more clearly hear my intuition/inner guidance. I've been reading a lot about dharma lately, and the idea of listening as the compass for your ship stems directly from that. This quote really resonated with me:

"Whatever your part is, you just play it, but you play it as consciously as you can. That's the most basic form of the concept of doing your dharma: to find your little square on the grid and then to live it out perfectly." ~ Ram Dass (from Paths to God)

-- Take baby steps toward homesteading (instead of pushing and going full tilt like I tend to do). And part 2 of this: figure out (listen!) to what homesteading with ease and joy means for our little family.

-- Date Colin. (Cause he's super cute!)

-- Learn more about thai/ yoga/ ayurveda on my own until the perfect opportunity for schooling comes up. (Again: not forcing.) And -- a more important aspect of this one -- to PRACTICE what I learn so this surface knowledge turns into experiential wisdom.

That's it! And I guess that's a lot!

I'm excited to keep these things in mind as the year goes on. I think my challenge will be to relax and trust the pacing of how things naturally unfold instead of always wanting to rush it like a wild person.

I know it's a bit late, but if you'd like to share your resolutions/thoughts here in the comments, I'd love to hear!