ya mon

We got back from Jamaica on Sunday. Beautiful, colorful, sunny trip! And the place we stayed had a Sesame Street theme so we partied with Elmo and Ernie and the gang all week. We danced our heinies (trying out this term in class this week instead of "butt cheeks"! hee!) off every night with Cookie Monster and Zoe. Super fun. Veda was in little baby heaven. :)

My favorite part was reading an entire book over the course of the week. We went on the trip with my mother-and-sister-in-law and the extra sets of hands and their willingness to help with Veda was the best thing ever. I indulged in their gift and stuck my nose in my book every chance I got. Not really the most social thing, I admit, but damn was I happy. I felt like a free bird!

And what a book! I chose to read: Hand Wash Cold: Care Instructions for an Ordinary Life by Karen Maezen Miller. She also wrote Momma Zen: Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood, which I loved, too. But Hand Wash Cold was my favorite. I've always been kind of put off by the whole "zen" thing because it seemed harsh and stand-off-ish to me (all those indecipherable koans!), but Karen makes it accessible and brings it back to love. Pretty amazing stuff. I was really struck by the honesty and clear thoughtfulness in her writing. A definite must read.