yoga babies

Veda is my little yoga buddy. Her malasana is pretty darn impressive, as you can see in the photo above. :) She can also do a highly skilled down dog where her head touches the ground. I tried it and fell flat on my noggin! Mostly we laugh and contort and roll up into the mats. It's also fun to make the animal noises that the poses are named after. Baby yoga is the best. I love how freely she moves her body. It's such a great reminder to me that yoga is best when mixed with silliness and fun. (I need this reminder a lot!)

There are so many great reasons to get kids involved with yoga too. I was recently emailed an article about all the ways yoga can benefit kids. Check it out. Cool, right? I wonder how different schools would be if they included a short yoga class as part of the curriculum. (Speaking of which... I found this podcast that talks about how kids/people learn better when more of their body is involved... not just the mind. I found it fascinating. Maybe you'll like it too.)