yoga blog

Wow. You guys blow me away... I am so glad I wrote that last post about the struggle with what to include here and how to merge my "different lives" (there really is no such thing, is there?). It opened my eyes to hear that it's about the whole person and not just the artist in this space. That makes sense... And I am thankful for all your thoughts.

At first I didn't know whether or not I wanted to share the other blog I started about yoga. It's a little more personal to me, and I started it to start to record my own yoga journey. But the more I think about it, the more I suspect that it would be fuller and more interesting to share it and to maybe get some conversation going about these things. Your comments often lead me to think about things from a different perspective, which is helpful. Gives a broader view. And maybe through my writing about my humble yoga journey, someone might become interested in it themselves. Maybe it'll even become more accessible because I need to break it down to bite size pieces for myself.

The new blog I started is at I call it One Sadhana (the first post explains why)... if you're interested, please check it out. And please know again that it's more personal (so be gentle). I hope you will enjoy it.