A quick view of my process from sketches to final.



Most projects begin with sketches – be it a book cover, editorial job, hand-lettering or a full blown ad campaign. I listen to your ideas and art direction – or if you have a blank slate, I'm happy to dream up and imagine possibilities to bring to you. I like to send a few options to make sure we have a direction we both love and suits the assignment perfectly.



After we settle on a single direction, it's time to tighten it up. I love the collaborating on this part of the process and think together we make the work stronger. So I'm all ears for your feedback and ideas. Once we have a tight sketch we like, I proceed to final.



Voilà. Our fun brainstorm is finalized into a colorful, eye-catching illustration. Minor tweaks can be made now, and then you get the files on time and exactly as you need them.