I am the phoenix.

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I am the phoenix., originally uploaded by penelope!.

I feel like I'm going through a big transformation. I am the phoenix and I just lit fire to my nest. Time to re-evaluate and start again.

I am closely studying the different areas of my life and determining what is working and what is not. Where am I wasting time? Where do I get satisfaction? Making adjustments. After all, I only have a few years with this life. If something is not jiving I need to release it. It's funny...for me this is as much about control as it is letting go.

I always thought I was a confident person. Can't stop me. I put my mind to it, put my head down and charge. And this has always worked. But somewhere along the line I lost that bull. Somehow I forgot about my strength and started second guessing and feeling scared. Where did my bravery go? I know it's still there... I just need to uncover it a little bit. Reconnect.

That's where my study comes from. Where needed, I am changing the way I do things. The way I eat. The way I move. Rethinking my goals... I can see where I want to be and I am heading in that direction now. I wrote in my journal: I am heading toward my own North. And I sat there and looked down and just felt that flood over me. My own North.

So excuse me as I knuckle down and get to it.