Squam Art Workshops

squam.jpg Well... I can finally talk about this because the website is launched! yay!

This September, I am going to be a part of the Squam Art Workshops, at the Rockywold-Deephaven Camps in Holderness, New Hampshire. A very beautiful place, from the pictures I've seen... (I can't wait to explore it in person.)

I will be leading three work shops, including Travel Journaling, Earth Project, and Editorial Illustration, which you can read all about here. But there are a ton of other class options that sound like so much fun. (I wish I was able to take the classes too!)

Can you imagine how creative and empowered we'll all feel after this weekend? Woh...

Registration opens on March 7th. And while I realize it is a bit pricey, I think this is not the sort of thing you really regret... What's the saying? : "You don't regret the things you do; you regret the things you don't do." (I am also keeping this quote in mind because I am a bit nervous to get up in front of y'all in person and play teacher. Yikes.)

Shall we squam?