tonic ball

tonicball06_spottedheel.jpgpaint on wood. approx 21"x29"

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was asked to donate a painting to the Tonic Ball in Indianapolis (where all proceeds go to feed the hungry through Second Helpings). Remember I couldn't figure out what to do with the green background I painted? Well, I finally figured it out... Once the idea popped into my head the final was completed in just a few hours. (I love it when that happens.) And the painting above is the result.

The Tonic Gallery event takes place on November 17th in Indy, at the Wheeler Art Community building. There will be an auction for all the art. If you're in Indy and would like to bid on my piece, show up there on November 17th.

And, check out my brother's kick ass piece here. I love it!